Flexibility coaching or stretching is vital for our body to allow it to move freely and efficiently through a wide range of movements. Stretching reduces the strain and tension built up in our muscles which in turn puts undue pressure on our skeleton. As our nerves run through our skeleton, this can then cause further problems such as pinching of the nerves. Muscle tightness can be affected by exercise, lifestyle, hereditary factors, ethnicity, body type, and old age, so in short, everyone needs to stretch at some point!


When describing a rigid body, I often use the ‘tent pole’ analogy. The tent pole supports the tent keeping it upright, so if one side is pulling too tightly, this will cause the other side to relax, which then pulls the tent off centre completely. Therefore it is important to have equal tension all around so that the tent or in this case, our body, can stand tall with ease, strength, and support.


Over the years I have met many people who have struggled with their flexibility, often saying that they see very little if any improvement in their flexibility, despite what seems like years of blood, sweat and tears stretching. In my sessions, I will teach you the correct way to stretch with relative comfort and how to manage the difficulties encountered in improving your flexibility. I will show you advanced stretching exercises suitable for the most stubborn of muscles as well as the most flexible hypermobile joints, as these bodies also have tight and weak muscles.


We will concentrate on a tailored plan that will focus on the fastest route to radically improve your flexibility safely and efficiently and adapt as your body changes and becomes more flexible.